Kittanning's Only Annual Film Festival


Each year St. John's Lutheran Church provides a free evening of silent films with live musical accompaniment and refreshments.

218 N. Jefferson St., Kittanning, PA 16201

(724) - 548 - 2051

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Off Topic - A Flash of Murder, Jeff Boarts: A Kittanning Murder Mystery

The great man behind the scenes for our Annual Silent Movie Night is Jeff Boarts.  He has always taken upon himself the business end of matters for our program.  Contacting film and distribution companies, DVD producers, tracking down copyright holders, and paying our bills and taking care of our business concerns, as well as donating his time, and coordinating all the on the ground activity and advertising.

Without Jeff, this program would never have been born, and would not have continued annually, and would not have flourished.

SO...I want to take just a minute and encourage you to visit this page at

A Flash of Murder by Jeff Boarts

Because Jeff has written and published his first novel, a murder mystery set in our very own burg of Kittanning.

It's a fun read and has a classic old school flavor about it.

Jeff's sleuth is a hard-nosed if kind hearted former big city reporter George Cooper who has retired to sleepy Kittanning in the 1950's, Kittanning is his novelist wife's home town.  The two expect to write, enjoy some local friends, and settle into a cozy retirement, but a serial killer has other plans....

It's a wonderful cozy novel with a twist and while the town of Kittanning gets a fictional face-lift, it has all the sounds and colors of the period and the setting.

Please stop by and give it a try, currently available in Kindle, but soon to appear in at least two other ebook formats and soon to be available as a trade paper back.

Kudos to Jeff, and enjoy the read!